We are into ornamental fish, plants and reptile.
Looking for importers and wholesalers .we also visit our costumer when ever the need arises our prices lists are available on demand our wash word is honesty we look for client from over the globe with discount per shipment.

Tropical fish,Longnose,Malapterurus Electricus,Butterfly, Xenomystus Nigri, Osteoglossum Africana,Pelvicachromis Pulcher, Hydrocynus Golianthus,Marcusenius Angolensis, Auchenoglanis Occidentalis,Aplocheilus Longiventralis.

Reptile,Kassina Kassina Fat Tail Lizard,Millipede,Nile Land Crab, Agama Agama,Agama Mutabilis.

That some of our fishes come from western and eastern parts of Nigeria.

We are also look for companies that we like us to market their products here in Nigeria products like cat fish feed tropical fish feed and aquarium products



Our overseas clients have been enjoying our quality fishes and reptiles that we do send to them. As soon as we get your orders we treat it with all seriousness so as to make sure that we ship to you  as soon as possible.


We presently ship our fishes and reptiles to clients all over the world including the USA, GERMANY, POLAND, JAPAN, CANADA, GREECE AND ISRAEL.
Always have this at the back of your mind, WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU.


Contact us

www.fsaquatics.com info@fsaquatics.com. gilead@fsaquatics.com.
Tell 2347335459 mobile 2348074049353. Address. 3 oborale street tedi ojo
Lagos Nigeria branch office 34 ajose street owutu ikorodu lagos Nigeria.

Our vision is to serve our client and also venture into new innovation on tropical fishes .we have 10 workers. Our terms of shipment to the globe is very attractive to our client even cost wise

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